Monday, August 6, 2012

Tincture of Time and of Truth, Eph. 4:25-5:2

I'm trying something a bit different in regards to this blog. I'm not sure how many people are viewing, but I have a suspicion it's not many. For know I'm going to tie this blog into my weekly sermon prep and will post one or two time a week regarding the topic, progress and insights of my sermon.

Tincture, perhaps an old fashion word? I can't say I have ever heard anyone use the world in a sentence. I asked my wife about the word and she was unfamiliar with it too, and I though for sure if anyone had ever heard the term it would be her. She's an Okie, and often she will recognize old sayings and refer to them and "Okieisms"

The term refers to some type of remedy, either chemical or herbal. Most tinctures are chemical compounds containing an extract of some sort in an alcohol solution. Some older tinctures are mercurochrome, methalite and iodine. Two of three are not longer sold because they contain mercury.

Herbal tinctures are those that are homeopathic and not chemically based. They are tea, alcohol, mustard and other "old timy" remedies. These take time to heal, they are not as powerful or abrasive, but need time to steep and be absorbed by the body.

In this weeks passage, Eph 4:25-5:2, Paul prescribes a sort of spiritual tincture to a church infected with anger towards each other. The tincture consist of the extracts, kindness and compassion which is mixed with a solution of forgiveness. This Spiritual compound can heal both in time and immediately, it is in a sense both herbal and chemical.  God's remedy for a sick, bitter, malicious and angry church...or person....kindness and compassion steeped in forgiveness.

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