Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Three Re's; Renew, Refuel, Reconnect. Our Week at Clergy Family Camp.

This past week my family and I spent time at the Lake Louise Christian Community Clergy Family Camp. It was a much needed time of Renewal, Refueling and Reconnecting. As pastors we often over extend ourselves and we are often isolated from real meaningful relationships in or appointments (other than our families). Often even worse off are our families, who have so many expectations placed on them that they did not ask for nor did they agree to, but have them thrust upon them by default because they are preachers wives and pastors kids. It was wonderful being with other families who understand the dilemma and the dynamics of being a clergy family. This week was so essential to the health and well being of my family and to the families we engaged with during our time there.

We were renewed through the various worship services and the times of small group discussion. We were refueled by having moments of just simply doing nothing, watching our children play and be care free and seeing our spouses with other spouses who know exactly what it's like. We reconnected by being with our co-laborers in Christ who understand the unique demands of professional ministry. All- in-all in was a great week and will stay in or hearts until we meet again.

Below are some pics from our week together.

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